Monday, July 14, 2008

Rebekah Frances Young

Our darling Rebekah has turned five and is getting ready to start Kindergarten. She is so precocious and alarmingly intuitive. She reminds everyone of me when I was a little girl. Growing up, I could never understand why my mom was just crazy sometimes. But now as a mother to child similair to me, I can clearly see how the smart, busy ways of youth can drive a parent to momentary madness. Bekah is very determined to have the questions in her mind answered. She yearns for independence. Her creative messes are frustrating, but she cleverly distracts you with her explanations that leave you laughing & puzzled. There is a mature depth to her that is complicated with her youthful abandon for social propriety. She greets the day with insistence and leaves much the same way as her little head hits the pillow. We are thankful for her joy and strength in our family.

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