Friday, August 1, 2008

Sister Missionary Kate

Kate Gardner is off to the Oakland Temple Mission! We are so excited to celebrate her gospel adventure, so we headed down to Spanish Fork for her farewell.

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the church. The service started at 9 AM and with a 30 min drive, we had to hustle. I knew Bekah was going to be tempermental, so I was sure to give her plenty of snacks and room in the car, but it wasn't enough. They started fighting in the backseat by American Fork. It escalated somewhere near Springville when I caught her in the rearview mirror clenching little Ruthie and terrorizing her.

Needless to say, in my attempt to call my car to order, I was pulled over for swerving. Finally; I thought, I have been threatening my kids that police would have to become involved if they continued to be unruly passengers, and today was the day that they would feel the full force of the law. I unrolled my window and greeted the sheriff who I knew had no legal jurisdiction to ticket me on the freeway and promptly reported that my maniacal driving was due in fact to the disorderly conduct of my backseat passengers. I waited for him to scare the daylights out of the kids, but all he did was laugh. I expressed my dissapointment in his levity and he tried his best, the dear soul, to convince those kiddos to be more mindful of their manners.

He departed and I took off speeding just a tiniest bit knowing he would understand that I was in a hurry to get to that church because if anybody needed a religious moment right then, it was definitely me. However, my continued voyage was slowed when I noticed he was yet again behind me with his lights on. Did he not dismiss me? Was he pulling someone else over? This slow pursuit continued for a few miles before I pulled over again because I was fearful of being on the news for an OJ Simpson like chase except the headline would read something about a frazzled mom. HE FORGOT TO TURN HIS LIGHTS OFF! Seriously. My kids were happy to announce upon our arrival to church that I got pulled over twice.

Sad, they have already talked to the police at such a young age and it had no effect. We couldn't make it 2 blocks to Back to School Night yesterday. I tell people driving in a car with kids is like training for terrorist combat missions. The stress is unbelievable. Well, I better start training for our drive to Salt Lake today. xo


Brooke said...

Excuse me, why are you up blogging at 6 in the morning? I'm still asleep for at least 3 hours by that time. Funny story! Driving with kids sucks. I think all of us moms out here hear ya. Glad to see you've joined the blogging population, now I can stalk you and keep up with your life since I never see you anymore! ha ha

The Christensen Family said...

seriously love this story. only you have adventures like this! i am getting hateful in the car. seemed to have lost my one true love - the remote to the DVD in the back! ugh... I feel your pain! xo

The Vigh Household said...

Yup, its official, our kis are definitly related! I'm surprised I having been pulled over for yelling profanities and throwing McDonald toys out the window! Oh, I share your frustrations.