Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alpine Rodeo Grounds, Ponies of America Show

Last saturday, our family hung out at the horse show all day for the last time in 2008. The last show of the year! Ruthie even competed this time with a darling little pink scarf and cowgirl hat in the tiny tot division. Our family had a lot of fun getting Amber ready for the girls to ride. We washed and brushed her and banded her mane. Bekah and Naiya worked together to put some elastics in the tail in a very creative fashion, but they didn't pass Jordan's inspection and had to be removed just before the show!

The girls compete in horsemanship which is showing off the horse and also equitation which demonstrates their western riding skills. They also have a costume event where they try to dress up along with their horse. Rachel was a geisha/samaurai combo we invented. We had to go to the asian fish market to get decor for her horse and man the smell of the chickent feet and other delicacies were exciting to say the least! Bekah was a fairy with a unicorn and she would talk the judges ear off forever about her story that she made up to go with her costume.

We are so thankful to the Gardners especially Jordan for sharing Amber with our family. There is so much work that goes into training the girls and preparing the horses and we are so grateful for their generosity. We are glad so many of our family members were able to come and support the girls and watch them ride!

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