Friday, October 3, 2008

Aqua Globes

Rebekah is 5 and she is very receptive to tv marketing. Walking through the grocery store is always entertaining as Bekah showcases several products reciting word for word the commercials. She is very into things that solve problems around the house and make it smell good. I can never make it out of the cleaning and air freshener aisle without a demo from her. In particular, she was impressed with the Aquaglobe since it is her chore to water the plants. She told me it "it doesn't underwater or overwater". So when I saw it at Walmart I just had to buy her one and she is thrilled! Please come over for a demonstration!

Side note:
Ruth has been in trouble for washing the dogs with cleaning products she finds under the sink, a magic eraser, and no water. Jason thought she was trying to kill them, but I assured him they were all natural and non-toxic. Today, she brought me the spray bottle of febreeze and pointed to the graphics on the back that included a picture of a dog. She told me that the bottle said it was okay for dogs. I gently explained it was for helping with the dog smell and should not be applied to dogs. We comprimised and she febreezed the carpet.

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The Vigh Household said...

At this exact moment, my kids are relating the "send in your gold to and you can go on vacation too!" commercial, we realize that it is kids who these commercials are geared towards. Alex was in my jewelry box telling me we could go to Disney World again if he sent in my wedding rings. Man, are they cousins or what? Give them a hug from Aunt Kelly.