Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking-Lets start a monthly swap!

I have always had a passion for preserving the family memories and although I love the textures and frills of actual paper, digital is such a nice way to go! I don't have to hoard all those supplies and try to figure out how to organize them. It makes it easy to share and copy for extra books. I reuse the digital files over and over again turning them into different colors and combinations. I am excited to continue to learn more about this field and all the possibilites.

I currently use Adobe Photoshop Elements which I downloaded online for about $100. Cord & Janine have a Simply Scrapbooking digital line that includes cool how-to vidoes on youtube. I love http://www.scrapgals.com/ for digital kits and my most favorite site is http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/ which has lots of free monthly kits-Bonus! Also, Two peas has digital tutorials that are cool.

My favorite artist is Rhonna Farrer (Kim Mask's sister in-law for those of you that lived in Davencourt)! You can check out her stuff at: http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/shop/list/?f=506_228 and her personal blog at http://rhonnadesigns.com/

Digital scrapbooking is super easy to pickup and I am sure I don't even know the half of what is possible because I never have taken a class. I would like to start a monthly digital scrap swap if any one is interested. I think it is easy to create pages anybody could put their own pics in and trade them monthly. Please let me know if anyone is interested in joining my group. I am glad to show you what I know if you promise to do the same!


Brooke said...

I for sure will do this with ya. I have TONS of digital scrapbooking stuff for the blogs that I do. Just let me know!

Janine said...

I gave you an award on my blog...love you the whole world!


I would love to be the recipient of trades. Although i don't know how much help I'll be. I'm just starting to dabble in digital....goodbye piles of paper!