Friday, October 17, 2008

Energy & Health, promises Defender lives up to!

Some days my body is just worn down and I am sure my lack of nutrition contributes to that. My Dad Glenn has created an amazing health drink named Defender. It is a powder comprised of fruits and vegetables that you mix with water.

I love to drink it before a workout because it greatly increases my endurance. When I am in a class at the gym I can bust out my high kicks for the footloose song much longer and my heart rate monitor shows me the increased results! For me, Defender is a great afternoon pick me up packed with nutrition instead of my traditional diet coke which I am convinced is possibly poisoning me! Some days, I just struggle to get going and the nutrition in defender really helps make the difference and it doesn't have the negative side affects like those energy drinks and caffeine.

Defender just launched their website and you can get a free sample at:

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