Thursday, October 9, 2008


The combination of my pranks and Jason's sarcasm has turned our darling Rachel into a witty 8 year old! Just the other day, Jay was trying to wind up the hose and was frustrated by it being caught on the other side of the house, so he he had to go track down the hold up; lo and behold, it was Rachel stepping on it and giggling.

Another time she got me good when I took the kids over to sleep at my parents house in the middle of the night. Jason was out of town and the dogs would not stop barking, so we had to flee for safety to my momma's. I traditionally break in through the garage with the code, but for some reason that night my mom had the house locked up like a fortress and I asked the kids why my mom had every single door locked. Rachel answered the rhetorical question with a smart reply saying maybe they didn't want their crazy daughter breaking in during the middle of the night.

She always surprises me with how quick her comments are, but she has been in training for quite some time! When she was a toddler she asked a deacon passing the sacrament if he was Harry Potter, because he was a look alike. There was a teacher blessing the sacrament that could have been her Uncle Winn's twinn and she shouted "Look, there is another Winn". She is a great joy in our family!

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D. Goddess said...

Too cute. Rachel is such a sweetie.