Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ruthie is Politically Savvy

All my girls are in love with playing dressup online particularly our darling little baby of the family, Ruthie. I think it is quite comical that they are addicted to internet gaming at such a young age, but it was suggested to me that possibly the creativity of playing dressup is much more advantageous than rotting your brain out on the tv. We have been pretty lenient around here lately as I have been sick sick sick with pneumonia and am barely able to lift my head off the pillow.

Ruthie rushed to alert me yesterday to something significant on the computer she wanted to show me, and I was thinking it was more dancing ponies or possibly a fashion combo trying to modestify an illegal bratz doll (house rule no hoochie mama dolls allowed). Alas, to my great surprise it was a cartoon depiction of a political figure which Ruthie pointed to and said "Look, Obama!". She was dead on and I was amazed thinking I have a political genius 4 year old on my hands. The alternatives are that Jason's dedication to watching the political campaign made quite an impression, or my mother's biggest sin of being a democrat has infected her grandchildren. Either way, she is quite brillaint and I forecast her success in political journalism.


Things I am Grateful for:

1. Jesus Christ
2. My Family
3. Freedom
4. Healthy Children
5. Education
6. What my momma gave me
7. Opportunity
8. Sincere Friendship
9. Majesty of Nature
10. Colors & Textures

Things I am Thankful for:

1. people who wear mismatched socks
2. people that wear shorts/flip flops in snow
3. people that drive purple cars
4. people that sing like nobody is watching while driving
5. kids that moon their dad while he is driving in the car behind
6. people that talk in fake accents
7. people that appreciate molly shannon
8. people that eat chocolate with me
9. people that shake their moneymaker
10. kids that ask for a bra for their 6th bday & want to know what it is for

I Am Kinda A Big Deal

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fashionista Rachel

This morning the girls were very prolific artists including a magazine that Rachel published called "Rachel Pink Diva: 10 Tips on Clothes and 4 Ways to Look Nice". Pretty sound advice throughout the publication with the exception of the last note recommending re-applying makeup every 30 minutes. Perhaps when she actually wears makeup she will amend this herself. It was beautifully illustrated and very difficult to choose which one to post as an example. Feel free to contact me for a full subscription.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well-mannered Bekah

Our family was cozy on my bed one evening cuddling. Jason happened to be demonstrating to Bekah the breadth of his belly and she commented "Dad you are fat"! I have tried very hard to help my girls develop good body image so I do not use the word the fat to describe myself or other people. I gave Bekah a stern look and reminded her that it was not very nice to call people fat. She quickly corrected herself and said sorry Dad, you are curvy! That is my politically correct term for describing a heavier frame. I am glad she remembered it even though it didn't really apply in this situation.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mademoiselle Ruthie

Baby Cruz is Born!

7 lbs 2 oz born at 4 pm on Wednesday, November 5th after 8 hours of labor! Of course, Stephanie is some type of pioneer lady and had no medication giving birth naturally even after they put her on pitocin to intensify the contractions. I heard a report that the day after he was born she was all dolled up in embroidered pajamas, hair done up, and glowing make up applied. If we all could look as glamorous after giving birth there would definitely be more people having kiddos! Love you Steph. So proud of your hard work and admire your being such a sweet momma!

Sewing an apron for a little Chef!

Spooky Gingerbread House