Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well-mannered Bekah

Our family was cozy on my bed one evening cuddling. Jason happened to be demonstrating to Bekah the breadth of his belly and she commented "Dad you are fat"! I have tried very hard to help my girls develop good body image so I do not use the word the fat to describe myself or other people. I gave Bekah a stern look and reminded her that it was not very nice to call people fat. She quickly corrected herself and said sorry Dad, you are curvy! That is my politically correct term for describing a heavier frame. I am glad she remembered it even though it didn't really apply in this situation.


Shalei said...

So cute! I laughed out loud when I read this. Your girls are such Diva's, I love it!

christensen crew said...

Jenn, That is SO cute. Curvy! Love it....I will remember that when talking to my kids. I don't allow that word either, it is just not nice! Yours is the Cutest blog ever...Kate