Monday, December 29, 2008

Jason's Hot Rod Mustang

Today while I was busy playing webkinz, Jason assembled the engine to his new Mustang complete with thread for the spark plug wires and authorized Ford blue paint. He has been building models since his Dad taught him at the age of 8. He used to keep them covered with saran wrap so that no dust would get on them. This time he purchased a glass box to house the model so as not to interrupt admiration yet still protect from the enemy of dust. He is pretty proud of the decal work and tried several photo shoots to capture the detail. I have studied the manual and can guarantee you that this is serious...dead serious.

My husband is a total stud. His other accomplishments for the day included fuming up the house with toxic chemicals to repair our fiberglass bathtub, winterizing the chicken coop, winterizing the dog shed (they have their own little apartment), changing filters, battery replacement, and countless other very important duties. It has been such a great blessing that throughout our marriage we have never had to wait for handyman or shell out any moolah to get things done around here. I don't even have to make a list, just one request and poof it is done. Amen

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Blah Blah Blah

Yesterday I went to Walmart to score some groceries, we were particularly in dire need of paper towels and a kid vacuum. I am making a small attempt to improve the house cleaning around here and trying to enlist the kids. I got the cutest little shark vacuum that is light and such a bright cheery yellow color. I am hoping one of the kids will take to vacuuming because heaven knows I never have. While waiting in line at the checkout for a serious 25 minutes (crazy people were buying hundreds of discounted Christmas items) I scoured the magazine racks for New Year's organization inspiration. I came home all pumped up and stayed up late trying to clear the counter and floorspace in my laundry room which doubles as my computer nook.

I got done around midnight and was so proud of myself I thought I deserved a break and sneaked onto webkinz on Ruthie's account. I love playing webkinz, it is a terribly embarrassing addiction. I was getting tired at that pointed and starting rubbing my eye which instantly began to swell and become irritated from something I must have transferred into there. Needless to say my eye swelled completely shut even though I downed tons of benadryl and applied medicated eye allergy drops.

This proves I really am allergic to cleaning and should just quit my attempts at it. I considered an eye patch for church, but I can't really rock the pirate look so we stayed home and played webkinz and slept because I was on massive benadryl dosage.

I am hoping it is better tomorrow and am thankful my husband is promising to build me a "Green" house one day because this one is killing me slowly. I have to take my inhaler every day. This really adds to my charm since I am so pleasant with my scoliosis, my pregnancy, and my always conflicted have it all mommy syndrome. Jay has been really good helping clean and fixing me breakfast and pickles at 11:30 at night which is like his 2am. I am so thankful for the family putting up with my crazy pregnancy hormones acting up all the time.

Young's plus 1 equals a family of 6

Cabin Fever

It has been snowing for days and we are all huddled in the house recovering from the holiday festivities. Bekah toted her beauty school mannequin around and informed people that santa gave it to her because it is creepy and looks like a real head. She is planning on using it to scare people in order to protect herself. She produced that explanation to her great grandma when asked what she got for Christmas. Needless to say, nannie was quite confused with the response.

My mom came over the day after Christmas. I had just got done thinking to myself how glad I was that everyone was probably resting after the holidays and I could anticipate no visitors witnessing the conditions in our house. Boy was I wrong. I felt like I was ten again when I heard my mom call me as she entered my house through the garage and I was sitting amidst all the Christmas chaos playing wii with my kids in my pajamas at 1:30 in the afternoon. She made me clean up, but at least she helped! She also bestowed a generous gift on Rachel for turning 8 this year and gave her a vintage Singer sewing machine including personal lessons. Saturday Rachel proudly displayed 8 blocks she pieced together with Grandma Sam.

Ruhie asked us which grandma had recently passed away...the old grandma or the skinny grandma. My nannie living in WA is very petite so I am assuming she meant her to be the skinny grandma, so I answered that the old grandma was in heaven. She was glad because she really likes the skinny grandma probably because we used to visit her every week when she lived her. My grandma got a big kick out of that story and reminded me of Rachel presenting her with a picture of Marilyn Monroe and exclaiming that Nannie used to look like that before she got old. Ruthie had another question for my mom and asked her why she always gave her clothes for her birthday and why couldn't she get her a barbie or something. I hope despite my child's impertinence my mom will keep up subsidizing our children's wardrobes because she picks out the cutest stuff and keeps them dressed to the nines. We appreciate the generosity even if our kids don't.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Tradition, Pierogi

Variant(s): also pi·ro·gi \pə-ˈrō-gē, pi-\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural pie·ro·gi also pie·ro·gies
Etymology: Polish, plural of pieróg dumpling, pierogi
Date: 1811
: a case of dough filled with a savory filling (as of meat, cheese, or vegetables) and cooked by boiling and then panfrying

Jason's grandparents are Polish and have a fun Christmas tradition of making pierogis as a family. When he was little one of the kids coined it pduggy which our little Ruthie mistakenly pronounced as doggy p. His parents have done a great job passing on this tradition to their grandkids. They have aprons with each of the kids names on them and bowls of fillings for them to stuff the circle shaped dough. The family favorites are cheesey mashed potatoes, cabbage, and blueberry. Watch out for a rogue baker that might suprise you with a concotion of the fillings or even a surprise item they gathered from the appetizers or even a shocking inclusion of a piece of yarn last year. This year crab dip, olives, and even artichokes snuck in there. I was really apprehensive about Bekah's combining potatoes and blueberries. No matter the taste, this fun-filled event brings the family together for an honored tradition which is always a good time!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Off-track Mayhem

Things are crazy around here these days trying to get ready for Christmas and ready for The Next Big Thing at the Dallas Market (you can read more about it if you would like at

My babies are getting bigger and more creative at entertaining themselves. One of the dollies has taken up redecorating rooms with pink feather boas. I found the fake tree wrapped in one and now tonight the guest bath is swarthed in pink feathers, a black ribbon tied around the sink faucet, a purse dangling from the window sill alongside a pink teapot, and a rather large pink canvas bucket on wheels is occupying most of the floorspace. Thank heavens, Jason's friend that stopped in tonight did not need to use the restroom.

While some mystery child was trading spaces in the water closet, I was trying to coach Rachel on baking a cake mix. I insisted she clean up before treating herself to tasting the batter on the spatula and she was relatively annoyed. When we asked her if she wanted mushrooms on her dinner plate she quickly remarked "Not if she had to clean up the cooking later."

Regularly, Bekah gets into fits of hysterical laughter and any attempt to calm her just incites more of a frenzy. I recall this happening to my mother when I was younger and I thought it was hysterical the more mad she got. I am very fearful for the future of this behavior. She is particularly fond of saying frowned upon words in a rhyming sing song.

Ruthie and Bekah hijacked a can of aerosal whipping cream intended for cocoa and sundaes. Thanks a lot Aunt Kelly! I hope they were eating it and not huffing because we watched a very scary intervention on tv the other night. Tonight was reruns so I made Jason watch funny youtube vidoes of "business time" by flight of the conchords and do yoga I divered from the Oxygen channel. You wish you were here-I know it!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Goodbye Until We Meet Again

Jason's grandmother, Helyne Young passed away recently and the family gathered for a beautiful funeral commemorating her life. His sister, Kelly, composed a slideshow depicting Helyne's family and friends. The most meaningful to me was hearing stories about Grandma Helyne and getting to know her in a way that I never had the opportunity to. She was a striking young lady with flair and talent for presentation. She spray painted weeds collected in the mountains to create flower arrrangements, fed everyone hoards of food on decorative glass plates embellished with rose cut radishes, and warmed everyone with her kindness. She was said to never have spoken an unkind remark towards anyone and always remembered the less fortunate even when she was upon hard times herself. I am thankful to be part of such a wonderful family and enjoy this good woman's legacy. I hope my children retain her spirit and carry on her goodwill and vivacity. Most of all, I dream of a day when my children will have a pretty assortment of memories to cherish and speak of. God bless you Grandma Helyne until that great day when we are all reunited. We will love you and miss you!

The Nutcracker

Ruthie celebrated her 4th bday on Saturday, Dec 13th at Capitol Theater. Our family went to the Nutcracker for the first time and attended the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea party on the stage after the production. It started with the orchestra playing and a snowflake backdrop on the curtains. Bekah asked if there was only going to be music or if there were characters. When the characters did arrive on stage it was only boys and Ruth wanted to know when the girls would be coming out. Rachel was enthralled and had no questions but an editorial comment that the men's ballet tights were gross. The girls sat through the ballet and were good audience members except for Ruthie almost kicking the head of the gentleman in front of us while she tried to imitate the snow queen's leg positioning during a lift. It was a magical day with all the holiday bustle downtown and romantic snow.