Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

Yesterday I went to Walmart to score some groceries, we were particularly in dire need of paper towels and a kid vacuum. I am making a small attempt to improve the house cleaning around here and trying to enlist the kids. I got the cutest little shark vacuum that is light and such a bright cheery yellow color. I am hoping one of the kids will take to vacuuming because heaven knows I never have. While waiting in line at the checkout for a serious 25 minutes (crazy people were buying hundreds of discounted Christmas items) I scoured the magazine racks for New Year's organization inspiration. I came home all pumped up and stayed up late trying to clear the counter and floorspace in my laundry room which doubles as my computer nook.

I got done around midnight and was so proud of myself I thought I deserved a break and sneaked onto webkinz on Ruthie's account. I love playing webkinz, it is a terribly embarrassing addiction. I was getting tired at that pointed and starting rubbing my eye which instantly began to swell and become irritated from something I must have transferred into there. Needless to say my eye swelled completely shut even though I downed tons of benadryl and applied medicated eye allergy drops.

This proves I really am allergic to cleaning and should just quit my attempts at it. I considered an eye patch for church, but I can't really rock the pirate look so we stayed home and played webkinz and slept because I was on massive benadryl dosage.

I am hoping it is better tomorrow and am thankful my husband is promising to build me a "Green" house one day because this one is killing me slowly. I have to take my inhaler every day. This really adds to my charm since I am so pleasant with my scoliosis, my pregnancy, and my always conflicted have it all mommy syndrome. Jay has been really good helping clean and fixing me breakfast and pickles at 11:30 at night which is like his 2am. I am so thankful for the family putting up with my crazy pregnancy hormones acting up all the time.

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Brooke said...

I love Webkins too. I seriously rock at that milk jug game.