Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cabin Fever

It has been snowing for days and we are all huddled in the house recovering from the holiday festivities. Bekah toted her beauty school mannequin around and informed people that santa gave it to her because it is creepy and looks like a real head. She is planning on using it to scare people in order to protect herself. She produced that explanation to her great grandma when asked what she got for Christmas. Needless to say, nannie was quite confused with the response.

My mom came over the day after Christmas. I had just got done thinking to myself how glad I was that everyone was probably resting after the holidays and I could anticipate no visitors witnessing the conditions in our house. Boy was I wrong. I felt like I was ten again when I heard my mom call me as she entered my house through the garage and I was sitting amidst all the Christmas chaos playing wii with my kids in my pajamas at 1:30 in the afternoon. She made me clean up, but at least she helped! She also bestowed a generous gift on Rachel for turning 8 this year and gave her a vintage Singer sewing machine including personal lessons. Saturday Rachel proudly displayed 8 blocks she pieced together with Grandma Sam.

Ruhie asked us which grandma had recently passed away...the old grandma or the skinny grandma. My nannie living in WA is very petite so I am assuming she meant her to be the skinny grandma, so I answered that the old grandma was in heaven. She was glad because she really likes the skinny grandma probably because we used to visit her every week when she lived her. My grandma got a big kick out of that story and reminded me of Rachel presenting her with a picture of Marilyn Monroe and exclaiming that Nannie used to look like that before she got old. Ruthie had another question for my mom and asked her why she always gave her clothes for her birthday and why couldn't she get her a barbie or something. I hope despite my child's impertinence my mom will keep up subsidizing our children's wardrobes because she picks out the cutest stuff and keeps them dressed to the nines. We appreciate the generosity even if our kids don't.

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