Monday, December 29, 2008

Jason's Hot Rod Mustang

Today while I was busy playing webkinz, Jason assembled the engine to his new Mustang complete with thread for the spark plug wires and authorized Ford blue paint. He has been building models since his Dad taught him at the age of 8. He used to keep them covered with saran wrap so that no dust would get on them. This time he purchased a glass box to house the model so as not to interrupt admiration yet still protect from the enemy of dust. He is pretty proud of the decal work and tried several photo shoots to capture the detail. I have studied the manual and can guarantee you that this is serious...dead serious.

My husband is a total stud. His other accomplishments for the day included fuming up the house with toxic chemicals to repair our fiberglass bathtub, winterizing the chicken coop, winterizing the dog shed (they have their own little apartment), changing filters, battery replacement, and countless other very important duties. It has been such a great blessing that throughout our marriage we have never had to wait for handyman or shell out any moolah to get things done around here. I don't even have to make a list, just one request and poof it is done. Amen

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Tiffany G said...

Cute blog! Funny thing, I didn't even know you were pregnant. Great neighbor, eh? Congrats! Tiff Grimes