Thursday, December 18, 2008

Off-track Mayhem

Things are crazy around here these days trying to get ready for Christmas and ready for The Next Big Thing at the Dallas Market (you can read more about it if you would like at

My babies are getting bigger and more creative at entertaining themselves. One of the dollies has taken up redecorating rooms with pink feather boas. I found the fake tree wrapped in one and now tonight the guest bath is swarthed in pink feathers, a black ribbon tied around the sink faucet, a purse dangling from the window sill alongside a pink teapot, and a rather large pink canvas bucket on wheels is occupying most of the floorspace. Thank heavens, Jason's friend that stopped in tonight did not need to use the restroom.

While some mystery child was trading spaces in the water closet, I was trying to coach Rachel on baking a cake mix. I insisted she clean up before treating herself to tasting the batter on the spatula and she was relatively annoyed. When we asked her if she wanted mushrooms on her dinner plate she quickly remarked "Not if she had to clean up the cooking later."

Regularly, Bekah gets into fits of hysterical laughter and any attempt to calm her just incites more of a frenzy. I recall this happening to my mother when I was younger and I thought it was hysterical the more mad she got. I am very fearful for the future of this behavior. She is particularly fond of saying frowned upon words in a rhyming sing song.

Ruthie and Bekah hijacked a can of aerosal whipping cream intended for cocoa and sundaes. Thanks a lot Aunt Kelly! I hope they were eating it and not huffing because we watched a very scary intervention on tv the other night. Tonight was reruns so I made Jason watch funny youtube vidoes of "business time" by flight of the conchords and do yoga I divered from the Oxygen channel. You wish you were here-I know it!!!

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The Vigh Household said...

Seriously, it's the only way to eat whipcream. Just open up and say "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". This would be why they love me the most :)