Friday, January 9, 2009

Rachel's Hair Styling Tips


An Unfamiliar Path said...

Jenn- I hope you don't mind me getting onto your blog from your link on our little Alyssa's Blog. I wanted to tell you how happy Mike and I are for the happiness you, your hubby and your girls have found. We have always had such a love and respect for your little family and are glad to live so close to you again. Hopefully once we are able to move on with all that life has thrown at us over the last few months we will be able to focus on regular life. We would love to have your little family over sometime to catch up and reminisce about old times. Congratulations on your pregnancy, that is so exciting..... and a boy, so fun! I hope all goes well.

christensen crew said...

Jenn, Your little Rachel is such a cute little thing. I have always just adored her! Those Baptism pictures are so special...I can't believe you have a baptized child. It seems like she was just a tiny little thing talking up a storm, saying the most grown up comments. Now she is just journaling and writing all of her sassy tips and ideas! I am sure you are so proud of her, you should be. I read your blog and think, oh I really DO want a daughter, dang it!

AND....CONGRATS on a Baby BOY! I am so excited for you! Lucky thing, My fingers are crossed for such luck!

Oh and btw about the shoes on my blog.....You have the legs and the Man for them! If only all men could be 6'4!