Sunday, January 4, 2009

Top 10 Good Things About Being Fat

While everyone is setting their new year's resolutions about working out more and getting skinnier, I am pregnant and piling on the pounds by the minute. To make myself feel better I found this helpful Top 10 list.

Top Ten Good Things About Being Fat
10. When driving, stomach acts as secondary air bag.
9. No need for buttock enhancement surgery.
8. Friends never at a loss for cruel nicknames.
7. Fast food proprieters know you by name.
6. Larger rear means you can carry armchairs & still have your hands free.
5. Distended stomach gives private parts extra privacy.
4. Constant threat of heart attack gives every day an exciting uncertainty.
3. Widened belly button provides extra storage space.
2. Come Summer time, bigger belly flops.

And the number one good thing about being fat…

1. Mathematically speaking, you’re twice the person anybody else is.


Janine said...

Um, yeah...just saw you last week and you are looking hot prego mama!!! what's this fat business, I don't want to hear it again...although I can identify with some of your top 10...good laugh!!

The Vigh Household said...

Okay, first things first....YOU'RE NOT FAT! YOU'RE PREGNANT! Maybe if you eat a thousand double cheeseburgers and drink a ton of strawberry milk then AFTERWARDS you will be fat, but I've seen you and YOU"RE NOT FAT, you're growing my handsome little nephew!

projectname said...

I agree with Janie and the Vigh Household. I have not seen you in over a year, but I am sure you are a beautiful pregnant lady!

I am so happy for you. Be sure to post some pics of your beautiful prego belly.

Cutler Family said...

love it...and i totally feel your pain!