Sunday, February 8, 2009

9 am church

Seriously, this week I set my alarm on my phone and actually GOT UP EARLY and got ready for 9 am church instead of throwing on whatever is nearest and running out the door. We had extra time and curled the girls hair while Jason made an amazing breakfast. Of course, we still walked in late. I don't even know how that happens. Before we left, I sent the kids down to pack their little church purses and grab their shoes. Our church has been at 1 pm the last couple years, so the girls are used to snacking.

After a giant breakfast, you can imagine my surprise when the kids start whipping out baggies of messy cheetos, cheese & crackers, and slimy fruit by the foot. I tried to ignore it as best I could until I saw Jason squirming in his seat trying to avoid being slimed by Bekah sticking her finger in the cheese and licking it off. I had to shut it down and removed the offensive snack item. Bekah decided to replace it with a snack pack of diced juicey pears which she had brought a silver kitchen spoon to eat it with. She drops the spoon and it makes a huge clang. I confiscated all the snacks after only a few minutes of being there. How could they possibly even be hungry? I am pregnant and I understand hunger, but this is ridiculous.

Then we discover Rachel has only brought coloring crayons and paper for herself and is refusing to share. Ironically, she is the one old enough to listen to the talks and shouldn't be sitting on the floor like a two year old with crayolas. Jason had to take her outside and have a talk with her. That went really well when she continued to refuse to share her coloring materials. Needless to say, we provided endless amounts of entertainment for all surrounding rows in the chapel's overflow. Hysterics, silver clanging spoons, gluttonous kids, parents on edge-all of these things make for a conducive environment to feeling the spirit and pondering Jesus. We had a family meeting after church. I will keep you posted on how next week goes. You would think it would be smooth sailing with the baby in our family being almost 5 right now. I guess everyone has to have their bad days.

I am really proud of Jason and I for sticking it out and not abandoning the whole thing. It was very worthwhile to attend Sunday School and talk about prayer and receiving answers. Bruce Jensen talked about his personal struggle with his daughter's rett's syndrome. She is confined to a wheelchair in a very debilitating condition. A lot of people shared how they receive answers from God. One of the coolest insights I noted was that some people regularly have a lack of an answer and it was very interesting to see how they interpret and act on that. I am so thankful that I can learn from other people and benefit from their experiences and strength. I am thankful for those around me that are patient while I continue to refine my many flaws. I am especially grateful for the good news of the gospel and the promise of peace,joy,and hope that it brings. I am even thankful for crazy kids making a spectacle at church. At least they had cute hair while doing it, which Jason received compliments for in priesthood?! Who knew elder's quorom appreciated curls?!

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