Monday, February 16, 2009

On a Sunday Note

Yesterday, I got to go see my sister Steph teach a group of women at church yesterday in her Relief Society. The thing I love about my church is that no matter where you got there is always a group of women gathering to encourage and support each other in raising their families and serving the Lord. It is incredible to have the feeling of acceptance and unity in purpose with women you hardly know.

Stephanie did an amazing job of explaining the apostasy and relating it to our everyday lives. She had a hard time coming up with one of her fabulous visual aids because her life is still packed away in boxes. I told her to get a picture of the Last Supper and cut out Judas' heading leaving a note that says "Picture your head here!" She kindly declined my blasphemous suggestion. I thought she was incredible with such a difficult topic. She received a lot of comments and testimonies from the women. I feel that is always a sure sign that the teacher has done a great job inviting the Spirit to dwell and prompting others to bear witness.

The apostasy is the time after Christ was crucified and we believe that his true gospel left the earth until Joseph Smith assisted in it's restoration. We can personally apostasize by turning away from the gospel. I have experienced this personally in my life. It is amazing how one small act of picking and choosing what parts of the gospel we will follow or criticizing leaders can open a small crack in your testimony leaving you wide open for a complete fall. It has been hard for me to personally reconcile poor choices I have made that go against my beliefs that I hold dear. I am so thankful for those around me who make mistakes and by their example have shown me how to partake of the atonement to be healed and move forward in repentance. I am so grateful for Christ's ultimate sacrifice for me personally so that I can be a part of his great plan of happiness for us all.

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The Christensen Family said...

you for sure get the most supportive sister award! can't tell you how much you mean to me -- as words just don't suffice the overwhelming feeling in my heart. i am proud of you. you strengthen my testimony with your beautiful example. i love you!!!