Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Sammy & Tim

My mom and her hubby Tim are the cutest couple! They have so much fun together. They are always having adventures whether on a scooter, a motorcycle, a boat, or the beach. They are the best buddies and I am so thankful that they have eachother. Both of them are so sweet & tender with my kiddos. We sure appreciate all the many ways they spoil us especially those yummy Sunday dinners. Thank you for all you do Momma & Tim especially setting a great example of a fun & loving married couple!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

As my kids say, "Well, that was awkward..."

We finally made it on time to church today, but in a different time zone. Our family just ignores time changes apparently. When I was dressing for church, Jason was putting on the final debonaire touches. I asked him to excuse himself as I donned a pair of panty hose because some things should just be left to the imagination and I don't really want my husband having the vision of me hopping around trying to pull on hosiery emblazened in his brain. When we got home, I hurried to the closet to change and he walked in on me trying to get them off. He sked if that was one of the times he should have run instead of witnessing. One day, I hope I have a private closet and bathroom like Kimora. I totally am feeling her vision on that issue.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ebay not always Kid-friendly

The girls are gearing up for horse riding season to begin, so Rachel and I were looking for fabric yardage on ebay. The shirts they wear are lycra fabric like dance/swimwear. There are cool pieces with sparkly glitter for auction on ebay. However, some of the auction items that come up when you search for lycra are not kid approved. Ruthie happened to be eye level with a men's lycra thong photo advertisement which included a rear nude buttock picture. She started giggling immediately and I scrolled away before her dainty little pointer finger could land on it for Rachel to see. Sorry Jason, I am not trying to look at porn with the kids-really just trying to save money buy sewing our shirts.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My niece the artist, McKinley

Bella Performing "Witch Doctor"

I WONT GROW UP, Production Number

Rachel Performing "Can't Say No"

Rachel is the first dancer to pop up!

America Onstage Dance Competition February 2009
Starburst Team from The Dance Club in Orem, UT Awarded First Place!!!

I love TDC because the music, costumes, and dance moves are all age appropriate. The performances for these little girls had a little romantic retro feel with red lipstick and cheeky moves. Rachel has had a great year at The Dance Club with her cousin Bella and all her friends. She is flat in in almost all of her splits. She has loved the teachers especially Heidi who makes dancing so fun. My favorite accomplishment of hers is the ballet technique which is very impressive. She knows the names of all the positions and steps which is like a mini french lesson and a credit to the diligence of her teacher Megan. It has been fun to see how much progress she has made so quickly. Rachel is blessed with being very athletic and will likely be able to choose from many activities to participate in since she will excel in them all. I love it that she dances with her cousin so I can spend all those hours at lessons and competitions with my baby sister!

Laman & Lemuel