Sunday, March 8, 2009

As my kids say, "Well, that was awkward..."

We finally made it on time to church today, but in a different time zone. Our family just ignores time changes apparently. When I was dressing for church, Jason was putting on the final debonaire touches. I asked him to excuse himself as I donned a pair of panty hose because some things should just be left to the imagination and I don't really want my husband having the vision of me hopping around trying to pull on hosiery emblazened in his brain. When we got home, I hurried to the closet to change and he walked in on me trying to get them off. He sked if that was one of the times he should have run instead of witnessing. One day, I hope I have a private closet and bathroom like Kimora. I totally am feeling her vision on that issue.

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Janine said...

That was funny! I got a visual only because I find myself hopping around trying to fit into my hosiery as well!