Friday, March 6, 2009

Ebay not always Kid-friendly

The girls are gearing up for horse riding season to begin, so Rachel and I were looking for fabric yardage on ebay. The shirts they wear are lycra fabric like dance/swimwear. There are cool pieces with sparkly glitter for auction on ebay. However, some of the auction items that come up when you search for lycra are not kid approved. Ruthie happened to be eye level with a men's lycra thong photo advertisement which included a rear nude buttock picture. She started giggling immediately and I scrolled away before her dainty little pointer finger could land on it for Rachel to see. Sorry Jason, I am not trying to look at porn with the kids-really just trying to save money buy sewing our shirts.

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Cutler Family said...

There is always something entertaining to read on your blog...i just love it!!!