Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rachel Performing "Can't Say No"

Rachel is the first dancer to pop up!

America Onstage Dance Competition February 2009
Starburst Team from The Dance Club in Orem, UT Awarded First Place!!!

I love TDC because the music, costumes, and dance moves are all age appropriate. The performances for these little girls had a little romantic retro feel with red lipstick and cheeky moves. Rachel has had a great year at The Dance Club with her cousin Bella and all her friends. She is flat in in almost all of her splits. She has loved the teachers especially Heidi who makes dancing so fun. My favorite accomplishment of hers is the ballet technique which is very impressive. She knows the names of all the positions and steps which is like a mini french lesson and a credit to the diligence of her teacher Megan. It has been fun to see how much progress she has made so quickly. Rachel is blessed with being very athletic and will likely be able to choose from many activities to participate in since she will excel in them all. I love it that she dances with her cousin so I can spend all those hours at lessons and competitions with my baby sister!


The Christensen Family said...

DITTO! What on earth do you expect me to do if you are not at dance with us next year?! Stupid Egypt... Only kidding. I am totally supportive! (mostly)I am so proud of the girls. It has been a fun ride to do it all together... Love you!

Kimberly said...

Rachel, you are such a beautiful dancer! Such darling moves with that amazingly lean figure. You are a joy to watch. I can't help but smile when I see your cute face. Love you.