Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day is a beautiful celebration of womanhood and in particular the woman in my life who nurture me. I am blessed with great friends and family, and most of all I am blessed to be a Mother. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience life with my gorgeous girls and a wonderful husband.

Some days are hard and I forget to embrace the joy of life and let fear and doubt get a hold of me. I have enjoyed a reminder of hope and inspiration The Nie Nie dialogues, a blog written by a domestic goddess about her romance with her husband Mr. Nielson and her adorable troop of children.

Last year, I watched the Today Show and heard of Nie and Mr. Nielson's terrible plane crash and have followed their recovery. Sometimes, when I am sad or scared the bright light eminating from her blog warms my heart creating gratitude and motivation to live more fully and thankfully. My heart breaks for her hard journey of recovery and I will pray for her often. I hope this Mother's Day her touching story inspires you as well!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Preparing for Baby

This week I have been experiencing a lot of contractions so it is time for me to slow down and make sure that this baby gets all the time it needs to get cute and chubby. I think my public appearances are coming to an end and I am going to be staying home and resting. Jason and the girls are super sweet about taking care of me and helping me rest, so I am very thankful for them.

We are all very excited about getting things ready for the baby. It is especially on the girls mind and they love to pick things out for the baby. So far we only have a few outfits and a couple blankets. We are so grateful for everyone that has been asking what they can get the baby and especially friends planning on giving us their items they aren't going to be using.

This crazy economy I feel bad registering or asking anybody for anything. Really we are so grateful for anything as we got rid of all our baby stuff and thought our newborn phase of life was over. I am embarressed to remember with my first born I was so particular about every little detail selecting items for the baby. By the fourth one, we are just thankful for a healthy baby and appreciate the kindness of any gesture welcoming our newborn.

LDS Spring General Conference April 09

Thanks to all the fun people that post cute packets for the kids to work on during conference and especially our RS secretary for emailing one. It was a dream this year to have our kids be old enough to really listen and even take notes. We were so proud of Rachel's work we embaressed her by showing it to the Bishop when he dropped by our house to check in. I thought conference was particularly amazing this time around and really got a lot of out it personally. I have been wanting to share a couple of my favorite excerpts.

The newest member of the quorom took the time to apologize for the times in his life when he was less than he should have been. I think that is so poignant and very touching. There are so many times when I have made bad choices that have affected people negatively and I have great sorrow over that. I hope that over time I can replace that with making better choices.

Elder Hales encouraged us during these difficult times to ask ourselves if we really can afford our purchases and do we really need it? He said the most caring words we can say to our spouse right now is we can't afford it and we don't need it.

Elder Ballard said "You don't have to live like Laman to know its better to be Nephi". I can garuntee my kids are going to hear that one a lot growing up. Laman and Nephi are brothers in the Book of Mormon and Nephi follows the Lord while his brother Laman does not.

Elder Oaks said "You can't be a lifesaver if you look like all the other swimmers."

Elder Snow counseled us to thrive in these difficult times by:
1. Heeding the Prophets
They warn & counsel to weather the storm
2. Keeping an eternal perspective
change & challenge are part of the plan
3. Have Faith
faith & doubt cannot co-exist
4. Be of good cheer
laugh instead of groan

Rachel's Conference Notes

Little Chefs

Ruthie found this recipe online today and she helped me with Bekah to make these yummy muffins. I am in love with my new silicon muffin cups, just be sure to spray them with pam. Last time I forgot and I lost two when I made naploean dynamite cupcakes for Winford & Jake's B-days. The girls have a lot of fun getting eggs from our chickens for baking. They are always sneaking into the spice cupboard and try to make their own concoctions. Luckily, these chocolate muffins are edible and delicious.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Treasure Hunt

My girls are getting older and able to participate in funner activities including one of my fav past times...hunting for treasures at the DI-a secondhand store. I let them each pick something out and I think each of their selections is totally indicative of their little personalites.

The purchases:
Rachel-tea party pitcher
Bekah-giant '91 debate trophy
Ruthie-mini mirrored make up case
Jennifer-2 bridal veils

Rachel is totally practical and functional. She was very impressed with prices and the utilitarian features. Thank heavens she steered Bekah away from the giant stuffed animal collection. Bekah appreciates being recognized for her achievements and highly valued the trophy. She was really concerned that someone had left the trophy by mistake and would be missing it. Ruthie is all Diva. She has been watching the pageant shows on tv with me and has the cutest sassy pout pose. Rachel warned me Ruth's little makeup box said Britney Spears, but I said it was okay because Ruth can't read. I was really disappointed to see that Sandy DI did away with the jewelry collections which were quite amazing. Some of my great finds have included a green trunk and a church pew which I recovered in zebra fabric. I think it is a good thinking bench for the girls, but I wonder if it will give them an inner conflict. Good times to be had at the DI and I highly reccommend it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Darling Giveaway

Neenie is giving away fancy calling/business cards on her etiquette blog The Pink Teapot. Go to her blog to enter the giveaway! xoxo

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Garage Sale

Last month our family cleaned house for spring and made room for the new baby. We decided to sell some extra things at a garage sale. I set the girls up a cash box and a lemonade/donut stand. They have such an entreprenurial spirit and it is great math for them. The downfall with my idea is that I haven't taken the opportunity to shop a lot of these amazing sales so I am not familliar with what the going rate for things is. This is my 3rdish one so I have realized that it is better to take anything so that you don't have to move it back into your house or drive it to donate it!

It was a rainy morning so Ruthie performed quality testing on the donuts in the house while Rachel manned the cash box and Bekah flitted between the two stations. Bekah was overjoyed with the George Washingtons coming in and was making big plans on where to spend the dinero. I had to burst her bubble and let her know that we were not going on a huge shopping spree to Toys R Us, but would be using the extra money to pay off some bills. She was discouraged but comforted herself by using the play makeup to create a cosmetologist's impressionistic vision of Native American war paint. After smearing it everywhere, she wandered out to the sale and interupted Jason with an eskimo he was selling ice to and inquired if we had earned enough money to buy some food now. Apparently, we are either on wild shopping sprees or selling stuff in our yard to buy our kids food and for Bekah there is no comprehension of any middle ground.

We made fast friends with some of our customers and it was a very entertaining morning. Two burly guys pulled up in a giant truck with enormous wheels. Both gentlemen had all sorts of professional attachments clipped to their belt loops and exuded a "I could handle myself in the brush type of attitude". One of them asked Jason if we had any guns or mowers to sell which made me kind of afraid. Is it even legal to sell guns out of your garage and what kind of wacko just goes around hitting people up to buy their guns? The funny thing was what they actually left with. After carefully opening and inspecting 5 boxes of porcelain Winnie the Pooh figurines, they bought the entire lot. It was the last thing I would have guessed would be on their shopping list inbetween guns and mowers.

We still have 2 couches for sale if you know any buyers! Good Broyhill quality with a neutral jacqaurd fabric.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa Award!

Bob and Carol drove all the way to Provo after working all day to watch Rachel's year end dance concert. It was super long and they had a wriggly Ruthie on their lap the entire time. Such dedicated grandparents. We sure appreciate their support and I know it especially meant a lot to Rachel. They made it to her competition at Thanksgiving Point along with Grandma Sam. Art with Heart earlier in the year got Grandpa Glen & V out to attend to. Our family is very thankful for supportive grandparents. They are our biggest fans and we appreciate them generously spoiling us especially with their time.

Easter Sunday 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

I have the best mom ever!

Good thing mother's day is coming up so I can properly thank her! Today I was working in my sweat shop ironing over 100 slips because for some reason they came in box looking like a witch costume. I had my heart set on getting them in the mail before 5 so my mom came and took the girls on a date for spring break. It was perfect timing so they didn't have to witness my complete crazy lady break down which Jason stalwartly supported me through. Thankfully, I count on those around me because lately I just don't feel good and I am turning into a vampire- awake at night and wanting to sleep in the day. Maybe it is mother nature's way of getting me ready for this little baby's arrival in a couple months!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thank Heaven for Godmothers

Jason has the cutest Godmother in Washington state that just spoils our girls rotten with beloved movies. Recently, she sent them Thumbelina and the girls were just in heaven watching it. We are so greatful for them to be entertained for a minute and not requiring us to watch another choreographed routine to Taylor Swift or watch their model walk. Thanks Kitty and Happy Bday!

Show & Teach in Kindergarten

Bekah brought home the show and teach bucket today. Usually, she tries to coerce me into letting her bring a toy to put in the box and give clues for the kids to guess what it is in it. She is very good at explaining to me how what she is bringing is technically not a toy like a build a bear is just something she cuddles at night. I just get such a kick about her passion and persuasion, and I will admit I kinda give in to her. I am sure her teacher appreciates it. Well, today she selected a picture of Christ to put in the bucket. It is a small framed one she keeps on her bedstand.

These were her 3 clues she made up for the kids:
1. He is the best guy in the whole world
2. Everyone loves him even me
3. He is dead ( which we rephrased to say He lives in heaven)

Jason was raising an objection to this selection of hers citing that it might not be politically correct. I tried to admonish her that not everyone shares her beliefs about Jesus and she needs to show love for their different beliefs and to be careful not to make anyone feel bad. He thinks we might get a call from school or one of the parents. At least it is short day tommorrow and then we are off for a couple of spring break days which should allow us plenty of a buffer regardless of how it all goes down. I think it is the cutest thing ever that she would select her picture of Christ as something that is special to her that she wants to share with others.

Being 7 is so last year...

Rachel is 8 1/2 and she is turning into such tween. She is too big for build a bear. She shops for clothes with something specific in mind and will scour the mall until she finds it or gives up, but definitely doesn't settle and compromise her style. She is definitely feminine, but I would dub her sporty spice. Lately, she has been putting in requests for specific items to be washed so she can wear it the next day. Today, she was back talking me and I got la la la'ed. She sang the la's to cover up hearing what I was saying. She is such a sweetie and a big helper that it really shocked me and I froze; luckily, Jason was there to address it and is making a big effort to shut her down so she sets a good example for the little girls which she does most of the time.

Whats in a Name?

I spent the whole night before researching names with Jason for the baby. We looked up lists of great American cowboys, US presidents, baseball hall of famers, and all of business cards Jason has collected over the years (prolly 400). Nothing was sticking out at us so we starting getting silly and throwing out names.

After I woke up at 1:30 am with stomach pains I got some great internet surfing done and I came up with Maverik which I was convinced was a superb choice given Jason's love for Top Gun. He wasn't feeling it so much in the morning and to be honest in the light of day it didn't seem as great. However, I did have a lot of fun when I sent this email to my darling mother in-law today:

Thanks so much for the link to all those cute ideas for the baby. We haven’t picked anything yet. I am trying to get a sense from Jay what he wants to do. I found this really cool flame flannel that I am going to make a blanket for the baby with. It matches this outfit with a skull on it kind of like Jason’s tattoo. It is really fitting because he is thinking of the name Axle for the baby. So cute!

Later after I copped to teasing about Axle she replied with:
OH THANK GOD! I was really thinking Axle Rose (after his damn tattoo). I was slowly dying inside, but what could I do?! I called Jason on his cell and he told me he was considering it.....I had to ask him because I didn't want to hurt your feelings, but I was dying... I almost thought of taking back the little baby blue "something" that I bought him... Floooooooooooooooooooou!

Too fun playing a little April Fools even if it is late!

Effie's Dessert Slip Giveaway

Comment on our blog under the giveaway post to enter to win our fabulous new slip, Effie's Dessert in Lady Vanilla. This slip is a great compliment to tunics you usually pair with leggings or jeans turning it into a wearable dress.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Everyone always tells me that the stories on this blog centrally focus on Rebekah as the main character. I don't know if it is her age or her personality. Time will tell. Every day she catches me by surprise.

Most recently, she is insisting upon taking up soccer and forgoing dance. Both of the other girls are very athletic and I am sure would enjoy participating as well. However, Rebekah cornered Ruthie and instilled a great amount of fear in her that playing soccer would eventually lead to getting kicked in the face. This danger would suggest that Ruthie would be better off participaing in soccer by cheering from the sidelines. Ruth was content with this compromise and I decided that Bekah having a chance to do something without her sisters is very important.

So, on Wednesdays I will be at dance with Rachel & Ruth and Bekah will be in cleats with her Daddy. I am suspecting the other girls will want Daddy time and their own activity so I am trying to plant the seed with Rachel that Jr. Golf is an incredible opportunity because you have to be 8.

I am looking for an activity for Ruth. Possibly some type of military academy. She is a sneaky little one and is constantly pilfering the contents of any gum, diet coke, makeup, or anything sparkly she can get her hands on. Her smile and blank stare of innocence make it very difficult to harshly punish her criminal behavior. I guess that is how all parents rationalize their child's first stint in juvie and I am well on my way!

Rachel's Artistry

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools

Bekah went to bed on March 31st calendering her tricks for the next day. The first one on her agenda was hiding all the soap in the bathroom so that bathing was unproductive. The entire day consisted of her tricking you into saying things. I am sure her teacher really enjoyed her.

Today she took a sober moment to tell me in privacy that she really wants to work on her nutrition and eat healthy things without sugar so that she won't get sick. Has she been listening to Aunt Stephanie who hasn't had any sugar in 14 days!!?? Heaven knows she didn't get that idea from me because I plan my life around the next sugar rush.

surviving the recession

Oprah is always inspiring and informative, but today was a great show with Suze Orman and her 5 tips for surviving the recession. If you didn't get a chance to watch it I highly advise going to her website. I was very impressed with information that I was completely unaware of until watching the episode. People in the United States are living in tent cities. Its unbelievable to me and I am so grateful for opportunities to learn how to better provide for our families. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn more about how we can serve those in need around us. That is one thing I love about my church, is it's emphasis on provident living. Our ward has done a great job of helping us prepare food storage and now even a garden. I am glad to know that when we do our part the Lord will see us through.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This morning my 8 year old daughter Rachel is wearing leggings under her skinny jeans and you can't even tell. That is how skinny she is!!! Bekah is plotting her tricks for april fool's day inbetween hiding inside the cardboard houses the girls constructed last night. Ruthie is getting cozy with her chocolate milk. It is a beautiful snowy day and I am so thankful to be home after travelling to Atlanta for the apparel market this weekend. That gratitude hasn't even mentioned how awesome Jason's hair is when he wakes up in the morning even after going to pick up slips off the neighbors porch at 11:15 pm when I remembered them last night.

Young Women Broadcast

Young Women Broadcast

Thanks to Neenie for reminding me that you can check out broadcasts online. This particular one for the Young Women was such a beautiful reminder of our divine heritage. I am thankful for the thoughts shared and the encouragement to strive to do better inspite of our shortcomings. Through the atonement we can all be made whole again and partake of the beautiful comfort, peace, and confidence that our Savior provides with his sacrifice. There is nothing more important in this world than my girls and husband and I am so grateful for the knowledge that our family can be forever. I love the inspired guidance especially the reminder to smile! Have a great day!