Saturday, April 4, 2009


Everyone always tells me that the stories on this blog centrally focus on Rebekah as the main character. I don't know if it is her age or her personality. Time will tell. Every day she catches me by surprise.

Most recently, she is insisting upon taking up soccer and forgoing dance. Both of the other girls are very athletic and I am sure would enjoy participating as well. However, Rebekah cornered Ruthie and instilled a great amount of fear in her that playing soccer would eventually lead to getting kicked in the face. This danger would suggest that Ruthie would be better off participaing in soccer by cheering from the sidelines. Ruth was content with this compromise and I decided that Bekah having a chance to do something without her sisters is very important.

So, on Wednesdays I will be at dance with Rachel & Ruth and Bekah will be in cleats with her Daddy. I am suspecting the other girls will want Daddy time and their own activity so I am trying to plant the seed with Rachel that Jr. Golf is an incredible opportunity because you have to be 8.

I am looking for an activity for Ruth. Possibly some type of military academy. She is a sneaky little one and is constantly pilfering the contents of any gum, diet coke, makeup, or anything sparkly she can get her hands on. Her smile and blank stare of innocence make it very difficult to harshly punish her criminal behavior. I guess that is how all parents rationalize their child's first stint in juvie and I am well on my way!

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