Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Garage Sale

Last month our family cleaned house for spring and made room for the new baby. We decided to sell some extra things at a garage sale. I set the girls up a cash box and a lemonade/donut stand. They have such an entreprenurial spirit and it is great math for them. The downfall with my idea is that I haven't taken the opportunity to shop a lot of these amazing sales so I am not familliar with what the going rate for things is. This is my 3rdish one so I have realized that it is better to take anything so that you don't have to move it back into your house or drive it to donate it!

It was a rainy morning so Ruthie performed quality testing on the donuts in the house while Rachel manned the cash box and Bekah flitted between the two stations. Bekah was overjoyed with the George Washingtons coming in and was making big plans on where to spend the dinero. I had to burst her bubble and let her know that we were not going on a huge shopping spree to Toys R Us, but would be using the extra money to pay off some bills. She was discouraged but comforted herself by using the play makeup to create a cosmetologist's impressionistic vision of Native American war paint. After smearing it everywhere, she wandered out to the sale and interupted Jason with an eskimo he was selling ice to and inquired if we had earned enough money to buy some food now. Apparently, we are either on wild shopping sprees or selling stuff in our yard to buy our kids food and for Bekah there is no comprehension of any middle ground.

We made fast friends with some of our customers and it was a very entertaining morning. Two burly guys pulled up in a giant truck with enormous wheels. Both gentlemen had all sorts of professional attachments clipped to their belt loops and exuded a "I could handle myself in the brush type of attitude". One of them asked Jason if we had any guns or mowers to sell which made me kind of afraid. Is it even legal to sell guns out of your garage and what kind of wacko just goes around hitting people up to buy their guns? The funny thing was what they actually left with. After carefully opening and inspecting 5 boxes of porcelain Winnie the Pooh figurines, they bought the entire lot. It was the last thing I would have guessed would be on their shopping list inbetween guns and mowers.

We still have 2 couches for sale if you know any buyers! Good Broyhill quality with a neutral jacqaurd fabric.

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