Friday, April 24, 2009

LDS Spring General Conference April 09

Thanks to all the fun people that post cute packets for the kids to work on during conference and especially our RS secretary for emailing one. It was a dream this year to have our kids be old enough to really listen and even take notes. We were so proud of Rachel's work we embaressed her by showing it to the Bishop when he dropped by our house to check in. I thought conference was particularly amazing this time around and really got a lot of out it personally. I have been wanting to share a couple of my favorite excerpts.

The newest member of the quorom took the time to apologize for the times in his life when he was less than he should have been. I think that is so poignant and very touching. There are so many times when I have made bad choices that have affected people negatively and I have great sorrow over that. I hope that over time I can replace that with making better choices.

Elder Hales encouraged us during these difficult times to ask ourselves if we really can afford our purchases and do we really need it? He said the most caring words we can say to our spouse right now is we can't afford it and we don't need it.

Elder Ballard said "You don't have to live like Laman to know its better to be Nephi". I can garuntee my kids are going to hear that one a lot growing up. Laman and Nephi are brothers in the Book of Mormon and Nephi follows the Lord while his brother Laman does not.

Elder Oaks said "You can't be a lifesaver if you look like all the other swimmers."

Elder Snow counseled us to thrive in these difficult times by:
1. Heeding the Prophets
They warn & counsel to weather the storm
2. Keeping an eternal perspective
change & challenge are part of the plan
3. Have Faith
faith & doubt cannot co-exist
4. Be of good cheer
laugh instead of groan

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