Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Show & Teach in Kindergarten

Bekah brought home the show and teach bucket today. Usually, she tries to coerce me into letting her bring a toy to put in the box and give clues for the kids to guess what it is in it. She is very good at explaining to me how what she is bringing is technically not a toy like a build a bear is just something she cuddles at night. I just get such a kick about her passion and persuasion, and I will admit I kinda give in to her. I am sure her teacher appreciates it. Well, today she selected a picture of Christ to put in the bucket. It is a small framed one she keeps on her bedstand.

These were her 3 clues she made up for the kids:
1. He is the best guy in the whole world
2. Everyone loves him even me
3. He is dead ( which we rephrased to say He lives in heaven)

Jason was raising an objection to this selection of hers citing that it might not be politically correct. I tried to admonish her that not everyone shares her beliefs about Jesus and she needs to show love for their different beliefs and to be careful not to make anyone feel bad. He thinks we might get a call from school or one of the parents. At least it is short day tommorrow and then we are off for a couple of spring break days which should allow us plenty of a buffer regardless of how it all goes down. I think it is the cutest thing ever that she would select her picture of Christ as something that is special to her that she wants to share with others.

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