Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Trinity

This blog is getting a readership from my kids! They are off track now and spending more free time on the computer. Bekah was trying to google glamorous kids birthday parties...lol. Rachel was googling state quarters because she is starting up a collection. Ruthie just sticks to barbie and webkinz. Lately, Bekah has been asking to pull up the blog. She was so excited to see the comments and her Kindergarten reading level was sounding them out. I thought that was so adorable. One thing that is not adorable, is my best helper Rachel who is the most perfect child has it in her mind that she is a member of the parenthood. She thinks it is like the trinity, comprised of three members. She is always inserting herself into adult conversations giving her two cents. I always have to point it out to Jay and say there is the trinity again. I try to be more gracious about it because in reality she is such a good girl and helps us out a ton. We are so thankful for her good influence on our family. All of our girls are a delight and are eagerly anticipating the our new male addition arriving soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Future Car Selections

Rachel Blue Lamborghini License plate: CALL ME
Jason said no way on the plate bc he is the only one calling her...Ever
Bekah pink mustang with FABULOUS license plate
Ruthie the best she could come up with is a black convertible bronco...

Starburst Team 2008/09

I Have My Eye on Soccer

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Newest Young Family Addition

Ruthie & Rachel

Our dancers practiced hard the last few days and then tried out for teams on Saturday morning bright and shiny. I am so proud of their progress the last year. Rachel was especially dedicated and stayed up until 11 pm practicing her routine the night before. It is so exciting to see her work hard for a goal and we emphasized that the most important aspect is doing your best. We are so thrilled for whichever team she makes because she is always a standout and has proven she can work so hard! Bekah told us she has her eye on soccer, and that left Ruthie to be my only tiny dancer. Her try out routine was a darling # to Angelica from Rugrats complete with sass and attitude. I hope I can get her to do it on tape for you! This has to be one of the best parts of life watching their little personalities develop.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Misadventures of Miss Bekah

Our family had a road trip last week and we made a stop in St. George to visit my mom's new part time abode. Bekah spotted a darling boutique and informed us that she would be just delighted if she owned that store. After arriving at my mom's Tim showed her the lay of the land which included a water feature in the roundabout. She longingly stared at the top of the water wheel and expressed her desire to climb up there. Bekah is so passionate and intense. When we arrived at our hotel she discovered a red and gold jewelry box that she just had to have. I asked her to wait until the day before we left before buying her souvenir in case she changed her mind. Daily she reminded us about that box and the finally when she was able to purchase it she told us it was the best day of her life and she was going to polish the box often. She named it Ruby and pretty much was the happiest girl ever.

Since we have been home I have had crazy insomnia and slept in this morning trying to catch up. I woke up to the flash of the camera and discovered Ruth and Bekah in my room with the camera. I started looking through the pictures and found one that looked like a bum crack. Shocked I asked them what it was-horrified at the possibilities. Apparently, Bekah is skilled at putting her forearms together to make a fake bum for Ruthie to photograph. There was a picture of webkinz on the computer and the keyboard. There was several pictures of the Ruth and Bekah kissing the stair railing (their frequent dance partner). If they had a myspace I am sure they would be trying to post these pictures. I was at a loss for words when trying to think of a way to address this wacky photo shoot.

I tried to move on to homework and pulled out Bekah's folder which included a compilation of kindergarten artists interpretation of their favorite activity to do with mom. Bekah's drawing of me included a rather large pear shaped body with rectangle stumps for limbs. She spent so much time drawing me to look huge that she didn't have time to draw her own picture so she is just a floating head next to a ginormous pregnant lady. The next page a kid drew a stick figure for their mom. We got distracted when the doorbell rang and a giant package was delivered. Bekah instantly determined it was a package for her birthday...probably a flat screen tv. High hopes.

This is just a good follow up to her asking me last week how old you had to be to kiss boys. When I told her 16 she freaked out and said oh my goodness that is so far away...she really thought 13 was more appropriate.

Does anybody have some type of manual on how to handle these situations? Raising these little women is a lot more daunting than I had ever imagined!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Check out my momma's day post on my VH blog!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sneak Peak at Bekah's Vintage Glam Party

We have been working hard with Brit from Dgoddess! She is starting a party planning business and Bekah is fortunate to have her 6th birthday be one of her beginning events. Today we discovered some replicated Vintage Barbie items at Walmart and Bekah commented that we just had to call her party planner and tell her about this. Brit has been very good to work with our demanding diva to achieve all the important party aspects. We are just not allowed to depart from such basics Bekah has deemed important like a 6 layer cake (watching food network too much!), pinata, sewing dressups, and making sure she gets a piece of her own cake this year (faux paux from her 5th bday). Bekah has held grudges from the last 2 bdays so we are determined that this will be a blowout not to be forgotten. Keep tuned for the exciting details!

Papa J & Lu

Bekah said her favorite grandpa was Papa J because he drives a rockstar bus and she wants to live in one! They drove it to Nascar the other month and made a pitstop here in SL to catch up with the grandkids. It was so much revisiting the family favorite restaraunt in provo, The Brick Oven on Monday night which is free rootbeer night-totally dangerous. Papa spoiled the kids with amazing balloon creations. The kids had sooo much fun.

RA Sushi Bar in Vegas!

Rachel Stephanie & Aunt Stephanie

These gorgeous gals have a street named after them in Vegas! Wahoo!

Bubblegum Bubblegum

Rachel's First Quilt in the Making!