Monday, May 18, 2009

Ruthie & Rachel

Our dancers practiced hard the last few days and then tried out for teams on Saturday morning bright and shiny. I am so proud of their progress the last year. Rachel was especially dedicated and stayed up until 11 pm practicing her routine the night before. It is so exciting to see her work hard for a goal and we emphasized that the most important aspect is doing your best. We are so thrilled for whichever team she makes because she is always a standout and has proven she can work so hard! Bekah told us she has her eye on soccer, and that left Ruthie to be my only tiny dancer. Her try out routine was a darling # to Angelica from Rugrats complete with sass and attitude. I hope I can get her to do it on tape for you! This has to be one of the best parts of life watching their little personalities develop.


Keelee said...

Good luck girlies!! That's so fun for them. How are you feeling these days?? Not too much longer now.

Brooke said...

So cute! You HAVE to get that on tape. That is something I must see immediately.