Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sneak Peak at Bekah's Vintage Glam Party

We have been working hard with Brit from Dgoddess! She is starting a party planning business and Bekah is fortunate to have her 6th birthday be one of her beginning events. Today we discovered some replicated Vintage Barbie items at Walmart and Bekah commented that we just had to call her party planner and tell her about this. Brit has been very good to work with our demanding diva to achieve all the important party aspects. We are just not allowed to depart from such basics Bekah has deemed important like a 6 layer cake (watching food network too much!), pinata, sewing dressups, and making sure she gets a piece of her own cake this year (faux paux from her 5th bday). Bekah has held grudges from the last 2 bdays so we are determined that this will be a blowout not to be forgotten. Keep tuned for the exciting details!

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