Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Trinity

This blog is getting a readership from my kids! They are off track now and spending more free time on the computer. Bekah was trying to google glamorous kids birthday parties...lol. Rachel was googling state quarters because she is starting up a collection. Ruthie just sticks to barbie and webkinz. Lately, Bekah has been asking to pull up the blog. She was so excited to see the comments and her Kindergarten reading level was sounding them out. I thought that was so adorable. One thing that is not adorable, is my best helper Rachel who is the most perfect child has it in her mind that she is a member of the parenthood. She thinks it is like the trinity, comprised of three members. She is always inserting herself into adult conversations giving her two cents. I always have to point it out to Jay and say there is the trinity again. I try to be more gracious about it because in reality she is such a good girl and helps us out a ton. We are so thankful for her good influence on our family. All of our girls are a delight and are eagerly anticipating the our new male addition arriving soon!


Janine said...

That made me laugh out loud! Little mamma Rachel. She is so adorable with the girls and I can totally empathize! Hannah is a mini me and sometimes I wonder if she does my job better than I do it. The trinity...you have a great sense of humor. We need to get the girls together before you get back "on track" and after we're out of school!

Cutler Family said...

You are my blog hero! I love your entries. I always find myself lol when I read your posts! Things are good with new babe, thanks for your comment. And no, you aren't a crazy lady...just keep those contractions coming! I too had them for months before he was due...and never had that with my other kids. Geez you'd think I'd know my body...this isn't my first time being pregnant! Hope everthing goes well for you. Excited to see your new little one. xoxo jess