Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Write His Will Upon Our Heart

More often than I should, I let things get too heavy and focus on the wrong things. I am especially grateful for blogging and the amazing way it touches my heart. Two of the following posts have reminded me of the sweetness of gratitude and the power of focusing on the right things:

This is going to be Raw & Long

I am grateful for a wonderful husband that provides for our family in every way especially the most important way. He always makes me laugh and forget my tender little heart aches. He sings me country songs and dances with me in the kitchen. My beautiful girls are kind, and at the same time they are wild and creative. Little jack is a mad man for his momma and slows me down so I can take in the beauty of life without rushing to check things off my list. I am spoiled with lots of family and genuine friends. Thank you to the many of you who remind me of the good news of this life. Today especially, that thanks is to Becky and Stephanie.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ruthie licked the white cream filling out of each individual cookie in an entire package of oreos. Then she carefully stuck back the two chocolate cookie pieces of each one and placed them into the cookie jar. Needless to say, Jason was quite disappointed when he tried to eat some oreos.