Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photo Shoot

My girls got their hands on the camera for a photo shoot of their new dance clothes. Thanks to Grandma Sam they are sporting their new uniforms for dance class. Sammy is a fun grandma to shop with and she spoils the girls generously. They are so thankful for her and I am sure it reminds my mom of the time she talked her grandma into buying her a pair of white gogo boots that her mother wouldn't get. Thanks for the new school clothes and dance clothes! We sure appreciate the new threads as you can see by the smiles here!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alphabet Gratitude

America's freedom
Babies chubs
Cars with tvs
Daddies that know how to swaddle
Every last drop of diet coke
Forever friends that make you smile
Gorgeous vintage linens & clothes
Happy hair days
Ice cream, chocolate of course
Jason & Jack
Kisses from kiddos
Lemon zest in salad dressing
Mommas good cooking
Naughty little girls stories
Posts by inspiring bloggers
Quitting bad habits
Rachel, Rebekah, & Ruthie
Vases of roses from the garden
Walking doggies
Xtra sleep
Zero drama

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seven Canyons

An Officer & A Gentlewoman

The Larvia Family is one of our dearest friends from Jason's Navy days. We were stationed in El Centro, CA home of the Blue Angels. It was exciting days there with a Walmart and a Sizzler. Jason and I both moonlighted as servers at the Barbara Worth Golf Resort and worked on our Associates Degrees. Friends were hard to come by because the enlisted crowd was a little rough around the edges and not very many married couples. There were a ton of characters, but our longest lasting friends have been Eric & Jerri Lynn. I remember driving 45 minutes to Yuma with JL to go to Target and maybe even the Red Lobster. She remembers the first time we met at a BBQ and I asked her name 6 times which I didn't remember doing of course; obviously. We rotated hosting eachother for dinner. They moved bases to San Diego and we would visit often especially when their darling Emily came along and could entertain us with her brillaint inteligence. Once every few years we get the chance to meet up and revel in the changes in each of our lives. JL is a very dedicated mother and wife. She just oozes kind service and creative talent. She has stunning eyes which she has passed on to her children. I admire her devotion to her faith and family. Hopefully, soon we will meet up in Old Town!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Grandpa's Workshop

The kids had so much fun at the cabin in Park City last weekend. They were especially delighted when grandpa let them create projects from the scraps of wood. He kindly assisted them with drilling and hammering to create signs for their clubhouses and even a mailbox. Grandpa Bob is a talented craftsman and thankfully shares his skill with his family.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

1st and 2nd Days of School

Bekah started on the second day as did all the first graders. She can't believe how long school is when you are there all day! She never eats her sandwich that I pack her, but amazingly never forgets the treat. Rachel is a big fan of the crushed almond butter and our homemade peach jam. Our trees have been brimming with apples and peaches which we have greatly enjoyed. Ruthie helps momma bake and care for Jack while the girls are away, and even sneaks in some time on the Wii playing All Star Cheer Squad. She is getting quite good at making her bed and keeping her room neat and tidy. She has had a few playdates with the neighbor boy and her cousin Briley both of which are not very enthusiastic to watch her model her new dance clothes and watch her tap dance in her new tap shoes again and again. Jack is eating like a madman that has been without food for days. His daddy has a special way of putting him to sleep that momma just can't figure out. All in all we are settling into our back to school routine quite well.


Jack Jack getting a Sunburn