Thursday, September 3, 2009

1st and 2nd Days of School

Bekah started on the second day as did all the first graders. She can't believe how long school is when you are there all day! She never eats her sandwich that I pack her, but amazingly never forgets the treat. Rachel is a big fan of the crushed almond butter and our homemade peach jam. Our trees have been brimming with apples and peaches which we have greatly enjoyed. Ruthie helps momma bake and care for Jack while the girls are away, and even sneaks in some time on the Wii playing All Star Cheer Squad. She is getting quite good at making her bed and keeping her room neat and tidy. She has had a few playdates with the neighbor boy and her cousin Briley both of which are not very enthusiastic to watch her model her new dance clothes and watch her tap dance in her new tap shoes again and again. Jack is eating like a madman that has been without food for days. His daddy has a special way of putting him to sleep that momma just can't figure out. All in all we are settling into our back to school routine quite well.

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