Saturday, September 5, 2009

An Officer & A Gentlewoman

The Larvia Family is one of our dearest friends from Jason's Navy days. We were stationed in El Centro, CA home of the Blue Angels. It was exciting days there with a Walmart and a Sizzler. Jason and I both moonlighted as servers at the Barbara Worth Golf Resort and worked on our Associates Degrees. Friends were hard to come by because the enlisted crowd was a little rough around the edges and not very many married couples. There were a ton of characters, but our longest lasting friends have been Eric & Jerri Lynn. I remember driving 45 minutes to Yuma with JL to go to Target and maybe even the Red Lobster. She remembers the first time we met at a BBQ and I asked her name 6 times which I didn't remember doing of course; obviously. We rotated hosting eachother for dinner. They moved bases to San Diego and we would visit often especially when their darling Emily came along and could entertain us with her brillaint inteligence. Once every few years we get the chance to meet up and revel in the changes in each of our lives. JL is a very dedicated mother and wife. She just oozes kind service and creative talent. She has stunning eyes which she has passed on to her children. I admire her devotion to her faith and family. Hopefully, soon we will meet up in Old Town!

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Lady Liberty said...

Loved those days! We had fun. Heck 45 minutes to go to a worth it! Meeting you and Jason was the blessing that came from having to live in El Centro!

You are so sweet and words are too kind! I think of you as super mom, I pale in comparison!

We sure love and miss you. I pray we will have a visit one of these days! We are just down the I-15....okay way down! Hugs and kisses to each of you!
Jerri Lynn