Thursday, December 17, 2009

Warning Label

Most things have a disclaimer nowadays and so should my blog! It isn't for bragging or complaining; for me it's about celebrating life's joyous little moments. If you know me at all, then you know I am a little too intense and probably get too heavy most of the time. This blog is my way of keeping it light. I am not perfect and make more mistakes than times that I actually get it right. Maybe one day I can make some progress. Hopefully one day, you will say that I pulled it together and it will be true.

Since I am being so honest here, I must confess that my five year old daughter had to taste soap on her birthday. I know it is a complete reflection of my parenting that she even knows this word, so I hate to admit it, but here it is. The day of Ruthie's birthday party her sister Bekah got into her party treats well before the start of the party. Ruth felt deeply betrayed and conveyed that emotion with the animosity a soap star would have been proud of by stating "You Witch." Now use your imagination and insert a different letter to the beginning of that word. You are saying to yourself "What, sweet little Ruthie?!" Yes, it's true. Out of all my children she has had a disposition to naughty words. Next time mommy will have to fast forward Olivia talking to Claudia that way. Does Clear play work for soap operas? I will keep you updated on ours as the next little offendor to use that word gets a hot sauce/soap combo!