Friday, March 12, 2010

Snap your hand in a Z formation

The crushed mirror on the passenger side led Ruthie to inquire as to how the damage was caused. I informed her that I unfortunately crashed it into the side of the garage while running to an appointment in a frazzled fashion wearing my new glasses. Her next comment was somewhat missed as I tried to focus on backing out more seriously this time as I pulled out of the garage, but she quickly retrieved my attention by asking "Should I have not said that, is that a swear word?". I realized that she had just said daaaaaaammmmmnnnn while surveying the rearview mirror damage. I affirmed that indeed she should have choosen a better word like oh my goodness or possibly darn it. This kid has a penchant for the naughty words. I try to blame it on the media but lets be honest her mom is a hot mess with four kids and her dad is a sailor. Rachel asked me why we have to go to church and it is because we have to hope that other people can teach our kids the things we don't and correct the things we do. By heaven we need all the help we can get!