Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh My Hail!

Trying to entertain kids during this crazy vacation time has been entertaining indeed. This morning we headed up to the zoo and took a brisk walk around checking out the animals that were not removed from their exhibit due to inclement weather. Bekah took off her coat and enjoyed bare arms and since I was not enjoying mine I put her jacket on. If only you could have seen me with her sleeves making it nearly to my elbows. I had quite the giggle at myself running the soundtrack to Chris Farley's SNL skit "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" in my head. I really pushed the girls to go into the indoor exhibits which I usually avoid because they are smellier, but today smellier was better than freezinger. Rachel got mad when I let go of the stroller and let Jack run down a small incline crazily, but then she turned right around and did it to Bekah letting her crash into a fence. We could not see the baby tigers and were very sad to miss them. But I did see my favorite animal which is randomly a rhinoceros. Jack Jack loved the merry go round. Ruthie was a sweetie pie wanting to push Jack in the stroller and Bekah was proud to be the only one to spot the cheetah.

We had a little bit of sunshine and headed over to visit Grandma Carol at work. We got the tour of the facility and the girls were impressed that Grandma's office was so well organized except for the CEO who they thought would do better to straighten up a bit. Grandma says that he insists he knows where everything is and I am going to save that one for when I am explaining my craft room.

Then we lunched at the Dodo where I was a busser as a teen. The smoked turkey with hickory BBQ sauce is amazing and we split a toll house pie. I tried to tell the girls that I knew someone who saved all their kisses for their husband when they got married and I could tell that the neighboring table got a kick out of that so I reminded them that Aunt Steph kissed as many boys as she could, so both options were available. We talked about how to choose someone you wanted to marry. They invited me to their special worlds and showed me the secret handshake to enter them. They have special names and rituals they have made up and it was darling to play with them for a bit. We had the most amazing waiter that knew how to cater to picky kids and moms holding a sleepy baby. We got hailed on and the girls practiced the different ways of saying hell and hail.

Trying to stretch out the afternoon, we passed the time by seeing The Last Song. The girls liked it but were sure to impress me by saying they did not like the one swear word in the movie. Jack gobbled up as much popcorn as his grubby hands could grab and his toothless mouth could suck down. I justified going sugar free on the next day when I wasn't so busy entertaining kids on a school break.

We rushed home and had FHE with friends making personal pizzas. High five to you if you read this babble all the way through. Some people say I never update my blog and to them I can you see why?! We are busy having too much fun over here!

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christensen crew said...

I made it and I loved every word! You are the cutest thing Jenn...such a sweet mommy. Did you know I am from a family of three girls and a boy at the end? Your Easter pics reminded of me of my sibs and I growing up....I am convinced that its the best combo a family can get. Jack will be a little hottie and know how to wrap the ladies around his little finger....and he will always have four loving mothers!!! So cute. Your girls are gorgeous!