Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mr. Potato Head

Ruthie called Bekah stupid. I was sure to correct her. I told her next time say stupid head. I wish my kids would get things right. I just have to keep telling them over and over again.

Family Home Fifteen Minutes

We were having a little FHE meeting this week. Bekah was assigned a modesty lesson with Jason so she could research some areas that were of particular interest to her. They did an awesome job. My favorite part was when Jason asked the girls what kind of husband they wanted to marry and Bekah illustrated her desired mate with a story. One day in Salt Lake it was raining and we saw a couple walking down the street. The man was not sharing his umbrella with his partner. Bekah says she does not want to marry somebody like that. I was struck with how long ago this incident was and how it made such an impact on her. She is such a clever little girl and has it all figured out. If your partner won't share their umbrella during a tiny rainshower, then I would hate to be stuck with them when the storm really gets going. I am so thankful for my good husband and how much I can rely on him to provide for us in every way. He is such a good man and I marvel at him all the time. I love this family I have even though there are some days when I get in the car by myself to run and errand and think I could just keep on driving all the way to mexico and never come back! Most days I have my head on straight and realize what a precious gift I have.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bicycle Thief

Rachel was swiping my mountain bike to ride and I was none too happy!!! We wanted to ride together as a family in Moab so we had to upgrade her to her own mountain bike. She was torn between that and a beautiful beach cruiser, but the shifting of the gears on hills sealed the deal for her. She and I rode a little ways together in redrock country. It will be a fun day when we are all trained and can ride slickrock together. Well, the practice trail at least :).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mailee''s Gr8 Day!

So proud of my niece Mailee for choosing to be baptized and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! She is such a smart and fantastic little girl. I think it is incredible that she would want to follow Jesus' example.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Organic Egghead

Jack Jack broke his arm the day before this picture and as you can see, he is one tough little man because he was not showing any signs! Here is grabbing our baby chicks one after another trying to get his tiny mugs on them. Our cousins Briley and Brielle even got in on the fun. Briley had to chase down a runaway chick under his momma's car! The girls each picked out 2 chickens from IFA and named them. Jason hauled all four kiddos to the store for the purchase which was his first outing with the entire crew. The girls liked to hold them when they were cuddly, but the chickens are getting big now and less affectionate!! Yeah for more farm fresh eggies around here!

Tortilla Factory

One of our favorite family activities is cooking! We decided to try out making some whole wheat tortillas and they turned out amazing. If you have little kiddos that can help roll out the dough then have no fear because that is the majority of the work. I found using the kids tiny wood rolling pin worked the easiest even for me!
Check out the awesome recipe we used here.