Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Schools Out for Summer!

So, the girls have officially been out of school for 3 days. I took them to Office Depot for some work supplies and they were intoxicated by all delicious paper and pen options. Rachel is already making her back to school supply list today! I caught her surfing target.com and writing down her picks for highlighters and crayons.


Elliott Mom said...

I LOVE school supplies - I'm a total marker/pen junkie! Nothing better than a fresh, clean notebook waiting for a pretty pen to mark it up! :)

The Slack Family said...

So funny - my mom tells me she gets dizzy with excitement when she steps foot in an office supply store. She said forget the mall, just give me paper and pens. ha!

SJ said...

THAT's my kind of girl! I <3 "Back 2 School" shopping!!!