Monday, November 29, 2010


MY TOP 10 IN 2010

1. Jason makes all my dreams come true! This year he took me to some of my favorite places on earth, the beach and Disneyland. He bought me flowers and pearls for Mother's Day and my birthday. He remembered my favorite chocolate raspberries on Valentines and goodies on Easter. In between working long days providing for our family, he is the best father I have ever seen in action.
2. My girls are tender and sweet and full of life. I am so grateful for their good health and ability to work hard to achieve their dreams even though at this age they change a lot. I am thankful they are kind.
3. Jack is such a bright spot of joy. Even though I can't get anything done ever, it is totally worth it to hear him yell mama and have him pat my head and give me a kiss.
4. Diet coke and chocolate!
5. Extended family that supports us and loves us through it all.
6. The gospel that allows me hope that I can do better.
7. Friends that share in my heartaches and help me forget them with laughter.
8. The inspiring beauty in the mountains, red rocks, and sandy beaches.
9. My health.
10. Forgiveness for those many times I am less than I should be, the ability to forgive others, and His great sacrifice so that we may be forgiven